10 Men's Fashion Blogs You Shouldn't Ignore

Curating the Best Men's Fashion Blogs

Too. Many. Fashion. Blogs. In fact, a quick search on Technorati reveals a mere 19,739 blogs on fashion.  If you spent 5 minutes going through each blog to find your favorites, you would have a full time job for the next 205 days.

Since you are a human being with an actual life, we thought a better option would be to sift through the chaff for you.  (Besides, our interns only have 147 days left ... ).

And if you know anything of what we're about, you'll know that we exist to equip and empower men.


Our list of favorite men's fashion blogs is composed not purely on popularity or the latest trends (though many are popular and trendy).  Instead, we wanted to list brands we love - namely, sites that are crazy about helping men.

As one of our favorite bloggers, TheStyleGent, puts it, "Character. Competency. Clothing.  What good is a new suit if the man inside is rotten?".  Couldn't have said it better ourselves.  Don't get us wrong - we dig clothes and we appreciate fashion, but we think style is oh so much more.

So, with that in mind, here is the current list of our favorite men's fashion blogs.

The List

1. The Transformed Male - @TheStyleGent

The Transformed Male currently holds the top spot on our list.  At the core of this blog is the idea that style is internal.  We think the message being said here needs to resonate throughout the entire fashion universe.

The true indicator of elegance is the way we act each and every day.

2. Dappered - @Dappered

Where Dappered truly shines is in helping your wallet. Their aim is to help men navigate the retail system so that "you can be comfortable, look sharp, and save money".

Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable.

3. Primer Magazine - @primermag

Primer is another great example of a brand we love.  Why?  They care about helping us grow up and become men.  The tagline - A guys's post-college guide to growing up.  Primer is for guys who want to be better men.

A summary of Primer might be, "Hey young man, did you have fun in college binge drinking and partying at Spring Break?  Great!  It's now time to grow up, learn to love, and father.  The world needs you."

We search for new ways of bettering ourselves, as well as returning to the ideas of manhood that may have skipped our generation.

4. Real Men Real Style - @RMRStyle

Real Men Real Style is a blog created by Antonio Centeno with the goal "to provide men the tools to educate themselves and the wardrobe that best compliments their individual style".

Our favorite part about Real Mean Real Style is the YouTube channel.  The channel boasts of over 330 videos and 114,000+ subscribers!

Together we can help you start dressing like the man you know yourself to be.

5. TMF - @TMFMag

A similar site to Real Men Real style is Teaching Men's Fashion or TMF.  While TMF might not yet have the audience or the sheer amount of content of Real Men Real style, we still appreciate their approach as teachers and trainers of men's style.

Two brothers changing one man at a time.

6. Style Girlfriend - @StyleGF

For a change of pace, we introduce you to Style Girlfriend, which is Guys' style from a Girl's perspective.

We believe the real reason men hate clothes shopping is not simply the hassle of it all.  The real problem is about fear and insecurity.  Getting advice from the SG goes a long way to fighting that insecurity.

I want to provide shortcuts to a closet full of clothes that the lady in your life will like too.

7. Put This On - @putthison

Put This On is a treasure chest of fashion advice, pushing out great style blogs almost every day on categories such as pocket squares, the essential man's wardrobe, cleaning shirts and so much more.

Our personal favorite are the professional episodes they've put together, which you can subscribe to on iTunes.

Men's style for men who want to dress like grownups.

8. Effortless Gent - @effortlessgent

Authenticity.  Effortless Gent does a lot right, but maybe what we like about them the most is that within their fashion tips and advice, they don't lose site of the individual man and his own unique style.

Another big win for EG is that they believe in quality products and a lean wardrobe.  In the end, even if you spend more on a few items, you save money in the long run by having the right clothes.

EG emphasizes classic and timeless looks that aren’t outdated by next year, and the importance of injecting your own taste into what you wear.

9. Men's Style Pro - @MensStylePro

We couldn't possibly create a list of the best men's fashion blogs without mentioning Men's Style Pro and Sabir M. Peele.  Sabir oozes with style, but it's not that uppity, unobtainable style that makes you feel like you need a shower.

No, Sabir is a working class style pro who invites other men into his world with open arms and encouraging tips. Mr. Peele, of North Philadelphia fame, has written for Examiner.com, and was nationally recognized in 2010 as one of Esquire Magazine's 5 Best Dressed Real Men in America.

Style is personal - and it evolves with you as you grow into the person you want to be.

10. Menswear Dog - @Mensweardog

Ok, the last blog to round up our list is just freaking awesome!  Menswear Dog is A Dog's Guide To Being A Man. Here, you'll have a great time looking at awesome style images, all being worn by the Menswear Dog.  It's hilarious.  And awesome.

Menswear Dog's interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches.

Whoomp, There It Is

So, that's our list. As we come across new and amazing blogs, we reserve the right to bring you more awesome sauce.

If you liked us choosing the best blogs, you'd love us finding the right clothes for you, so you don't have to sweat shopping any more.  Check us out today.  

Do you agree with this list?  What other fashion blogs to you like or follow?  Leave a comment below.