What to Pack for the Holidays: 7 Days, 7 Outfits, 12 Pieces

Ladies, we did not forget about you!

Given many of us are traveling between Christmas and New Years, we thought we'd put together an interchangeable travel capsule suitable for the holidays. It's a fair bet that most of you ladies need this more than your male counter parts. There’s a way to look effortlessly stylish without touting your entire closet on your holiday. 

Here’s how:

Why We Chose Each Piece

Cream wrap blouse: any flowy blouse will do. It is perfect for Christmas day (and dinner); it can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with jeans and short boots.

Grey chunky knit sweater: a cozy neutral sweater is great for traveling, lounging by a fire and it can also be dressed with pumps and a skirt.

Grey longline coat: aside from keeping you warm this holiday season a long coat can make the most simple outfit look polished.

Burgundy flannel: this is another piece that can be worn around the house or out to a movie with your family.

Burgundy leather pencil skirt: a simple pencil skirt will go a long way with your travel capsule. You can throw on heels and almost any neutral top with this staple to look and feel great. 

Burgundy heels: see a theme here? Obviously a great pair of heels is a must for the holidays. Wear them with a dress, skirt or throw them on with a pair of jeans to easily dress up any outfit.  

Short black boots: from the airport to the bus station to any last minute shopping you have to do, short flat boots are a comfy way to still look cute.

Black high-rise jeans: if you don’t have black pants in your wardrobe you need some ASAP. Slimming (what everyone needs during the holidays) and extremely versatile these are a must for any trip.

Black turtleneck: classic or modern it’s your choice! A black turtleneck can be worn with jeans or a skirt for an instantly chic look.

Black cross body bag: a small neutral purse is great for traveling and you can wear it with every outfit.

Gold sequin dress: because who doesn’t want to wear a fun sparkly dress on New Years Eve?

Camel belted coat: when you want to switch up your layering pieces a belted coat is a more figure flattering option.


3 Quick Tips For Packing a Travel Capsule

Make it easier on yourself and stick to similar color families. 

Pack shoes that can be worn across multiple outfits.

Add neutral layers to top off any look.


Remember, you don't need these exact items. Think of each of the 12 pieces as inspiration. In other words, don't get stuck if you don't own a burgundy pencil skirt or a grey coat. Instead, use this a guide, not a manual, for generally what types of items can easily work well together.

Make your travel capsule work for you by following the structure with similar style clothes you already have. Although packing light could take more time and focus in the short term, you might find your self enjoying the challenge.

This year forget lugging around 5 extra bags of clothes you won't wear. Enjoy the extra space, both mentally and as your traveling.