How Creating a Capsule Can Save Money and Allow You Buy to Quality Clothes

I get a couple emails every week from people asking how Cladwell (and therefore Capsuling) can save you money. So I thought I’d write a quick post that walks you through the exact ways you can save money and still buy quality clothes with a capsule wardrobe. 

Here’s a quick analogy / word problem

Jamimah goes out to eat 10 times a week, and spends $20 each time. (So: 10 times per week x $20 per meal = $200 per week.) She wants to cut her restaurant spending in half, what should she do?

I think we’ve all been in this position before, right? We want to cut back on our food budget. There are two ways to solve this problem:

OPTION 1: Eat Cheap - If Jamimah starts eating fast food for each meal, she can keep going out just as much and cut her budget in half right?

10 times per week x $10 per meal = $100 per week - SUCCESS!

OPTION 2: Go Out Less - Maybe she can pack a lunch half the time. That way she can keep going to the same restaurants, but just eat out less.

5 times per week x $20 per meal = $100 per week - SUCCESS!

The principal here is that there are two ways you can save money. Buying cheap or buying less. No brainer, right?

Now, Let's Talk Clothes


Here is where it gets interesting. When you have conversations with people about clothes, most think the only way to save money on clothing is by buying cheaper clothes or "getting a deal." In fact, when it comes to quality the lion-share of clothes are being bought at stores that are the equivalent of a McDonald’s (literally called Fast Fashion - like Fast Food, get it?) 

And - just like fast food - when all you consume is low quality, it leaves you feeling dissatisfied and hungry for more.

This is where Cladwell comes in - we make OPTION 2 simple.  Let's do another word problem:

Sylvester buys 100 items of clothing each year, for an average of $15 each. (So: 100 x $15 = $1,500 per year, ave in U.S.) If he uses Cladwell or creates a capsule wardrobe, how much money will he save?

MONEY SAVED: Each Cladwell capsule wardrobe is built for maximum interchangeability - which means they’re a lot smaller than the average wardrobe. Typically 4 seasonal Cladwell wardrobes consist of about 50 items, and most people already own 50% of them.  Let's do the math:

    AVERAGE U.S. - 100 items x $15 per item = $1,500 per year
    AVERAGE CLADWELL - 25 items x $15 per item = $375 per year  (75% SAVINGS!!!)

Quality Just Got Affordable

So, what we recommend is that if you can afford to do it, take those savings and invest a portion of them in buying quality clothes. This will save you money in the long run. (And oh yeah - not pollute the environment or fund slave labor.

    BUYING QUALITY - 25 items x $30 per item (2x average) = $750  (50% SAVINGS)

So, you can literally spend TWICE as much on each item, and still save 50% by choosing to buy less, but better.

There you have it. Paying a Cladwell subscription of essentially a latte a month, can now save you 50% of your clothing budget with twice as nice of clothing.

*Drops mic, walks away*