10 Ways to Wear a White Button-Up [LADIES]

A white button-up is one of those classic items that is a great addition to any capsule wardrobe whether your style is girly, urban or classic. And no, a white button-up isn't just something your mom keeps in the back of her closet or something you exclusively wear to work. We’re going to show you some ways to take this basic piece and make it one of your go-to items. 

1. With a Cardigan

Typically one might wear a tank top under a cardigan. Instead, try replacing it with a white button-up. This will give you a more polished, professional and put together look. 

2. With a Classic Pencil Skirt

Wearing a white button-up and a pencil skirt is not just for your mother. It’s an easy way to look chic and effortlessly elegant. Try making it modern by using a fun print or interesting textured skirt. 

3. With a Sweater

We’re stealing this look from the guys. A sweater over a white button-up will not only look classic but it will definitely feel cozy. 

4. With Boyfriend Jeans

If you don’t have the pair of perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans of your dreams don’t worry! A white button-up will look relaxed and effortlessly cool with any pair of jeans. 

5. With a Blazer

Wearing a blazer and a white button-up doesn’t have to be boring! Play with the color of the blazer and wearing a skirt or jeans for a fun look you can wear out on the weekend and still feel fun and chic. 

6. With Trousers

Once again if you don’t have a pair of wide leg trousers just use what ever you have in your existing wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to wear a printed pair of trousers with a white button-up or perhaps a textured pair like leather. 

7. With a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket you ask? Yes! It might seem strange to pair such a cool piece with something so classic however the combination is a chic and put together look. If you don’t believe us check it out on Pinterest. 

8. Over a Summer Dress

Have a sleeveless dress you love but have to put away for the fall/winter? Wear your white button-up over your dress and tie it at the waist. BOOM. You have a brand new skirt. 

9. With a Jean Jacket

You might think we are stretching it here but really check out Pinterest on this one too. You can make a white button-up look seriously cool with a leather jean jacket and some killer booties. 

10. With a Midi Skirt

Wearing a midi skirt with your white button-up is a super simple way to look elegant and refined. Don’t have a midi skirt? That’s totally fine! Just wear your white button-up with any A-line skirt in your wardrobe. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with new looks. Having a smaller wardrobe gives you the opportunity to try new combinations of clothing that you might not have thought of before. Try using a basic piece, like a white button-up, as an opportunity to put your own spin on it. Most of all have fun with it!