10 Ways To Wear A White Button-up [GUYS]

Gentlemen, it probably goes without saying that you have a white button-up in your closets. And if you don't, you should! It's a key component in manhood. Kidding. But seriously. And since it is so essential, here are 10 new ways to style it, other than your ordinary dress pants & matching suit jacket combo.

1.    With a Blazer

A simple way to wear your white button up is with a blazer. The object here is to not wear corresponding pants. Try wearing jeans or cords for a more casual/stylish look. Also, do not be afraid to roll up your sleeves for effortlessness. 


2.    With a Sweater

No, wearing a sweater over a white button up isn’t just for your grandfather or cape cod dwellers.  This is an easy way to look polished and put together.

3.    With a Sweatshirt

This one is for the guy who isn’t afraid to experiment with his style.  A crew neck sweatshirt over a white button up gives a relaxed, cool and fashion forward vibe. 

4. With a Jean Jacket

You might think that the formality of a white button up would clash with the relaxed style of a jean jacket. However, combined they result in a style savvy, layered look. 

5.  With a Varsity Jacket

This is another look for the guy who isn’t afraid to take fashion risks; this one will definitely pay off.  From a casual date night to hanging out on the weekends this is a look that exudes stylish ease. 

6.    With Corduroys

Sometimes you want to keep it simple but also need to look nice. Wearing a white button up and corduroys is a great way to look put together while not having to think a lot about coordinating a ton of colors and textures. 

7.    With a Leather Jacket

A leather moto jacket can make almost anything look bad-a*s.  Combined with a white button-up you will look equal parts hot greaser and Sinatra-suave. 

8. With Distressed Jeans

The juxtaposition between a crisp white button up and distressed jeans will give you an edgy yet easy, look. A super simple combo to throw on before you go out on the weekend.  

9. With a Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is really cool piece to have in your wardrobe. Paired with a white button up you’re ready for a date, the game or just going out with friends on the weekend. 

10. With a Cardigan

A cardigan over a white button up is a classic outfit to wear for anything; from casual Fridays at work to meeting the parents for the first time. You’ll look clean and put together without trying too hard.

Now that you know how to better utilize your white button up to it's full potential, you can enjoy the process of getting dressed a little more! Relish the overflow of compliments you receive on your outstanding style and try to create your own outfit variations from your smaller wardrobe. Less can be more. 

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