Seriously, Why Did We Release Another Wardrobe? And Other Questions Answered.

So we just launched the brand-spanking new wardrobes for Winter & Summer 2016 on, and I’ve received a couple texts & emails with questions. Since you might be wondering the same thing, I thought I’d share the questions and my answers here so everyone could see.


1) Alright Blake, what’s so different about the 2016 wardrobes compared to 2015?

    Great question. There are three major differences between the 2016 and 2015 wardrobes:

Updated Trends: For our trendier customers (“Young Pro’s” and “Urban Dwellers”) we added a handful of items that are on-trend this season. (Like white fresh!) Don’t worry - we didn’t re-do everything (like H&M every other week…) we just chose a handful of signature items for you to stay up-to-date.

Interchangeable Colors: We made the wardrobes a little bit more interchangeable (meaning everything matches with everything else) by selecting more neutral colors.

Removed Unpopular Items: We removed some items based on customers saying they didn’t like them. Our #1 thing is making you feel confident, and if you aren’t feeling maroon - it’s gotta go. (FYI - in March you’ll be able to add, remove, and replace items on your own!)


2) Wait - isn’t Cladwell supposed to help me shop less? Why do I need something new?

Yes - Cladwell is the best solution out there to help you do more with less clothing. Our business model isn’t about selling you clothes - its just about helping you look great. We don’t release new wardrobes to get you to buy more, but instead to re-examine your goals & clothes once a quarter.


3) Why Summer & Winter? What about Spring and Fall?

It’s winter in our hemisphere and summer down south. Spring & Fall will happen in 3 months. Science!


4) How are you so awesome? I mean - seriously - you’re the man.

Oh stop it. You guys…seriously…