5 Questions to Ask Yourself During Your Closet Cleanout

Do you cringe when thinking about cleaning out your closet? Still have clothes from high school that you know need to go but you just can’t seem to part with? Listen, we've all been there. So we’re here to help.


We know it’s hard to say goodbye to some pieces but with our simple system you’ll be able to get some clarity about what you need to keep in your closet, what you should store and what you should donate. 

1.    Do you love this item?

Pretty self-explanatory, but is this one of your go-to items in your closet?  Do you find yourself gravitating toward this item when you don’t know what to wear because you know that you feel good wearing it?

If you answered yes to one or both questions then this is something that should definitely keep in your capsule. Additionally, you should take notes as to why you love it and think about purchasing another item similar to it. For example, I had two great turtleneck sweaters in my closet when I did the closet clean out.

After going through this process I realized that’s my go to style of tops. Now I have a capsule full of turtlenecks and I LOVE IT. You don’t have to be as extreme as that; however, if there is a style of clothing that you like or that is really flattering on you don’t be afraid to have multiple in your wardrobe. 

If you answered no then ask yourself if this piece of clothing has any sentimental value to it. If not, what’s holding you back? Definitely donate it! If yes, then ask yourself if it fits well and is flattering. If it is, store it for now and revisit it for another season. There is no sense in keeping it in your closet if you won’t wear it.

If it has strong sentimental value then hold on to it, but store it someplace that isn’t your closet. Then, check back in a few months to see if it's something you truly miss.

2.    Is it applicable to the current season?

We’ve established that you do love this item but now you need to think about whether or not you’ll be able to wear it this season.  Of course there are items that overlap seasons and some that you can wear almost all year round. Those are good to stay in your closet for now such as a t-shirt or your favorite pair of jeans.

We’re talking about making your capsule for summer and still having all your winter sweaters crowding your closet. Separate all the things that are not wearable in the current season to give yourself a little wiggle room to see what you have left to work with. This will make getting dressed in the morning much easier.

3.    Does it fit you well?

Now that you’ve separated all the clothes in your closet that aren’t in season you need to go through them and ask if they fit you well. This includes being flattering to your body but also think about the feeling of the fabric. Is it itchy? If it’s a knit does it easily snag? Do you avoid wearing this item because you’re scared to wash it? You get the drift.

If there is an attribute about the piece of clothing that you really don’t like or that deters you from wearing it then you need to ask yourself the tough question. Will I ever wear this? Or, do I avoid it? If it fits well and you like the feel of the fabric GREAT, store it for next season.

4.    Are you sure you love this item?

If you’ve determined that this item does not fit you...well then, you need to ask yourself again if you really love the item. If it doesn’t fit you but you love the item, write down the details about what you do you love. Then the next time you go shopping be intentional about purchasing a similar item for your capsule.

5.    Have you worn it in the past three months?

Now you’re looking at what’s left in your closet, which should only have things that you love and that are applicable to the current season. Next you need to look through your clothes and think about if you’ve worn the items in the last 3 months. When I went through the closet clean out I had this awesome silver sequin skirt that was perfect for holiday parties or any dressy winter occasion. It fit well and I loved it. The only problem is I never knew what to wear if with (even after researching it on Pinterest). If you have an item like this that you love but don’t wear often or don’t know how to wear then you should think about storing it for next season. 


This flow chart is a great tool to remind you about what we just learned. When you’re cleaning out your closet remember this is all about figuring out what you LOVE. Finding out what you love will help you identify your personal style, which will then help you create a capsule wardrobe full of clothes that make you feel great. Not because they are on trend or "cool" but because they feel like you!