5 Pinterest Outfits You'll Want To Steal [GUYS]

1. Classic Neutrals

We love this look because when you break it down it's so simple. Navy sweater, chambray shirt, olive pants, brown boots. What makes this outfit work is the use of the 4 different colors that are analogous on the color wheel. 

2. Monochromatic Navy

It's hard to go wrong with a monochromatic outfit. Especially if you do it in a classic color like navy or black. We love how this look breaks up the solid jacket and pants with a small polka dot pattern in the shirt. The overall appearance of the outfit is still monochromatic, however the pattern makes it more interesting.

3. Put Together Casual 

This look says casual yet stylish. The collared shirt (we swapped for a henley) paired with the utility jacket makes the outfit have more personality than if you were to just wear a t-shirt and jacket. The details of the buttons on the shirt and details in the jacket give this outfit another dimension that makes you look fashion savvy. 

4. Comfy Classic

We love this look because it's so classic yet so easy to pull off. This outfit can be worn with a cardigan or a blazer, for either a more casual or dressed up look. You'll put your blue and white check shirt to good use in this outfit. 

5. Understated Badass

Want to look cool without trying? Simply wear a flannel or button up shirt under a leather jacket with dark wash jeans and boots. We love the neutral colors that were chosen in this look. This outfit formula is virtually fool proof.