Love it or Lose it?

Love it or list it. We’re not selling houses, but, similar to the HGTV show, you have two choices. You can either choose to “Love It” by keeping what you already own and working with your current wardrobe. Or, you can choose to “List It”, by moving on from what you already own and listing your clothes online, giving them to a friend, or donating to a local charity.


At Cladwell, our policy is this: if you don't love it - list it.

Why wear something every day that you don't feel great wearing? It’s like eating a peanut butter and jelly only to realize you never really loved jelly. Don’t be that guy. Or girl, for that matter.

If you are a hermit or have some weird skin disease or other reason why you can't share your clothes, maybe it’s best to recycle them.