Your 5 Most Common Style Questions Answered

Every day we are lucky enough to hear from people who use Cladwell and Capsules. While some e-mails are more general questions about the site, a large majority of people we hear from just want a little extra advice in the style department. So in this post, I wanted to take the most common style questions we’ve received in our inbox and share our answers. Here we go... 

1. Is there a way to kick start my capsule by selling off the clothes I don’t love?

The simple answer is yes! The longer answer depends on exactly what kinds of items you own. To start, if you have slightly more expensive or unique taste try Ebay or Etsy. They also recently launched Ebay Valet and will accept clothes plus more if you’re in the mood for de-cluttering! Of course you can sell just about anything on those sites, but you'll probably have better luck with items that are less common.

If you want to avoid the interwebs and tend to own clothes with mass appeal, try a local Plato's Closet.

Finally, there has been a plethora of online consignment stores that have popped up which make it easy to buy second hand and sell your clothes online. Here’s a quick run down and the percentage you can make by doing so:

  1. Thred Up - Items listed on ThredUP for under $60 will be paid out upfront. Items that are listed over $60 are paid out once the item sells. Use their pay estimator here.

  2. The Real Real - You can earn up to 70% of the sale price for your items.

  3. Poshmark - On each Poshmark sale, you keep 80% of the sale price.

  4. Tradesy - Tradesy takes 9% of each sale — way less than similar sites.

2) What is the difference between a white button-up shirt and a solid white dress shirt?

We may have heard this one before… So here’s a little video where we take a minute to answer just that!

3) I wear glasses. How do I choose casual frames I can wear all the time?

From one glasses wearer to another, I get it. There’s really 3 steps:

  1. Choosing a frame color. Picking your frame in a neutral shade like black, grey, or brown (even tortoise pattern) is going to be your best bet for something versatile. If you wear more black clothes than other colors, go with black frames. If mostly brown or earth tone clothing, go with the brown or tortoise frames.

  2. Choosing a frame. As for style, check out this handy guide to know what works best for your face shape:  Men's Face Shape  or Women's Face Shape

  3. Choosing a place to order them. After you figure that out, if you know your prescription (which you can get from the last place at which you had an eye exam - just give them a call!) here are a few sites I like for glasses:

4) How should I layer my clothes?

First, this is one of the more difficult things to master. You can't go wrong with a solid sweater over a solid dress shirt. Next, keep in mind these 5 tips:

  1. Limit it to three layers
  2. Keep it thin
  3. Choose your fabrics wisely
  4. Keep it interesting
  5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Basically, as you're just starting out, you want to have only one thing that has a pattern and keep everything else a solid. As you start to feel more comfortable, you can start matching patterns.

Check out our video here:

Here's a couple more examples:

5) I need some advice concerning dress sweaters. E.g. outfits inspiration and "safe picks for beginners."

A basic v-neck dress sweater never fails, try something like a lightweight merino wool or cashmere for something a little finer (but more expensive) - cotton for something a little less expensive.

Check out an example below:

Wear it over a button up or t-shirt with jeans for a more casual look, or over a dress shirt and maybe even a tie for a more formal look.

If you need help, continue to check back weekly on our youtube page and Cladwell Guide. We’re continuously releasing new style tips to help you dominate your capsule and look pretty darn good while doing it.

Not sure what to wear, when? Shoot us a tweet @byCladwell.