Robin's 10x10: The Story Of A Girl And Her Shoes

In the month of October, four brave members of the Cladwell team took on the 10x10 Challenge. The challenge (straight from our friend Caroline at UnFancy) is to select 10 pieces from your closet and create 10 outfits from them over the next 10 days. Here’s Robin’s story…

Meet Robin. She's our in-house developer and all around go-to-gal for product development. She hails from Jersey but currently lives in downtown Cincinnati. And on any given Monday, you just might catch her walking to work, sporting some of the chicest boots in town (take note, shoes are gonna be a theme here).

"I expected the challenge to be super simple. When I went to my closet to start pulling my favorite items, I had a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and 8 pairs of shoes…. Looking back now, I almost wish I had done that, just to show how impactful a fun pair of shoes can be."


Robin's 10 Items

  1. White Button Down Shirt

  2. Oversized Men's Striped Sweater

  3. Striped Tank

  4. Avengers Tank

  5. Peplum Top

  6. Loose Cardigan

  7. Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans

  8. Blue Skinny Jeans

  9. Silver Ankle Boots

  10. Snakeskin Ankle Boots


"I’ve been struggling with the transition to a capsule wardrobe because I feel like most people who do it have mostly black and white. I want to challenge myself to not be the stereotypical person in fashion who only wears black and white. And even though this is something I think about a lot, I ended up with an almost exclusively white and black wardrobe…"

"I feel like accessories (and shoes) are a great way to pull in some personality into your wardrobe. You can’t really tell in the pictures, but in one of the first days I wore a pair of earrings that are yellow rubber ducks wearing pearl necklaces. They’re ridiculous, but they bring an element of fun to an otherwise white and black outfit."

"I always knew I had a love for weird, crazy shoes, and this definitely confirmed that. When picking my 10 items, I really wanted to prioritize shoes. I feel like I show the most of my personality and style through shoes, so I wanted to pick two of my flashier pairs. I love the shoes I chose.  If I could redo, I’d maybe pick one of those shoes, and another (still flashy) pair that had a more similar color so I could mix and match a little better."

Robin’s style (and the way she strikes a pose in front of the camera) can only be described as confident. Cruising her way through the 10x10, she picked out her 10th item in the final days of the challenge, so she basically rocked a 9x10.

Robin's 10x10 swag comes from the fact that she loves what she owns, and she confidently wears it. The oversized striped sweater she wore in the challenge is a frequent favorite, and she's rocking her Avengers tank with a pencil skirt right now in the office. Robin models the idea that if you love what you own, a smaller wardrobe just isn't a big deal—neither is a 10x10 for that matter—because you want to wear all your clothing again and again!

We form our wardrobes around obscure rules that say you can only re-wear a shirt every other week on Mondays and Thursdays and only if it's sunny outside (or something like that...). But Robin helps me picture a world where we get up and wear what we love. Imagine that. 

Robin's final thoughts on the 10x10?

"I was surprised how much I missed my other shoes. I really love my shoes."