Erin's 10x10: Just Add Lipstick

On most mornings, Erin enters the office with an impressively large traveler, brim full of coffee, complete with cream and sugar. And nobody blames her. Though technically her position is Chief Marketing Officer here at Cladwell — in classic startup style — you can find her working in any area of the business on any given day. She's the glue that holds the Cladwell team together, and she does it all with a smile. And that huge cup of coffee.

And yes, it was that bright caffeinated smile that convinced us all to join in on the 10x10 Challenge — a challenge that Erin heard about from Caroline at UnFancy.

10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days — she made it all sound so simple! 10 days later, we all had different accounts: from simple to stressful to just wanting to wear our shoes again!

If you haven't already read the 10x10 story of our developer and shoe connoisseur, you can read it here. But now, here's Erin's 10x10.

"To be honest, I was feeling bored with my fall capsule. This little challenge snapped me out of my closet rut and reinvigorated my creativity."


Erin's 10 Items

1.     Flannel Dress

2.     Green Knit Tank

3.     Grey Sweater Tank

4.     Blue Jeans

5.     Black Jeans

6.     Ankle Cowboy Boots

7.     Black Flats

8.     Striped Boxy Button-up

9.     Ivory Boxy Button-up

10.  Denim Jacket

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"The biggest surprise was how much layers and makeup makes a difference. I felt like I could change a look by how I wore my hair or which lipstick I put on that day. The details mattered way more than I anticipated."

"After this whole experiment, I’ve decided to use my 10x10 as a foundation, a launching pad, for my fall/winter capsule. All the items in my 10x10 I truly, deeply love. So I can slowly add more items to it and then weed out the pieces left in my closet I find myself no longer needing."


"I am so in love with my flannel dress. I’m not much of a dress girl, so I had forgotten how easy it was to throw on one garment and call it a day."


"I’ve got to admit I felt like myself in the whole green vest and jean jacket outfit. Maybe because I had my hair up in a high bun or because green is my jam. I’ll never know…"


Remember how Erin walks into the office with that traveler full of coffee? Good. You’ve got the mental image. Well, let me add one more thing. Each day of the 10x10, when Erin made her way into the office, she had added something new to her outfits to just make them pop. Though we were all sporting the same ten items day after day, she made each outfit unique.

Rockin’ a topknot or a fabulous shade of red lip color or a great piece of jewelry, she did simple things to make each outfit different. From having 450 items in her closet to a 10x10, Erin has come along way in a year. But her capsule wardrobe doesn’t limit her style; instead, it gives her a chance to show off her stylistic creativity. Mixing and matching, adding lipstick or jewelry, she is a living example of how a smaller wardrobe can be interesting, creative, and just as much fun to work with. The 10x10 highlighted this creativity and her fabulous personal style. No wonder she suggested we take on this challenge...

Erin’s final word on the 10x10?

"A girl can only wear heels for so many days."