Your Winter Coat Guide

Coats are commitments. True fact. So, before you begin panicking because there was ice on your car this morning and you heard Christmas carols on the radio—but you still can’t track down the coat of your dreams—we want to pass along some coat tips, inspiration, and suggestions that could help you along this daunting coat journey!  

3 Coat-Hunt Tips

1. Coats that last: From personal experience, we all know that buying a good piece of winter wear is going to be an investment. Frankly, quality coat purchases just hurt the wallet. But here’s the deal. Unless you plan on relocating permanently to the Bahamas, this is an item of clothing that you’ll wear season after season and that should be able to last. Out of every item in your wardrobe, your coat is worth an investment.

2. Coats that reflect you: But here’s the rub. You invest into this item that covers you and your clothing for five months a year. It’s a defining piece of your wardrobe that you’ll wear day after day, year after year, and the idea of personal style never even comes into play when purchasing this item. Well, it should. You should love this coat. You should want to jump up and down at the first sight of snow because you get to dawn your coat. And when you put it on, it should scream you

3. Coats that take time: If coats are a big investment (but a worthwhile one!) and you want them to reflect you, then you should take your time shopping around. Take the time to find something you love. And next year, you won't have to go through the coat-shopping-trauma-cycle all over again. 

Coat Inspiration

If you're looking for a classic pea coat, shop around for a color you love. It's already going to be white enough out there. Feel free to jazz things up with a bright color.

Traditionally, a pea coat is a formal coat. But, that's really just a matter of styling! We're in love with the casual pea coat looks this winter. And maybe tennis shoes and a neutral coat are just your thing. We love your thing.

If you live in a warmer climate (now, we've got to be honest with ourselves here) then a long coverup might be just the thing for you! It can be styled casually or formally, and it's just the right amount of cozy for a West Coaster who won't be able to bear the heat of a full coat AND a peppermint mocha.

And finally, make this coat practical. If you live in a rainy climate, then invest in a rain coat. If it's freezing, take the plunge and buy the parka. Buy what makes sense.


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Coat Suggestions

Anoraks can be a dime a dozen, but Everlane's City Anorak caught our eye as an ideal mid-weight layer.

$98, The City Anorak

For the lady of rainy climates, Stutterheim is the place to go for well-crafted rain wear.

$295, Stockholm Navy Raincoat

If you're looking for something both stylish and warm, the Cotopaxi Bengal Waxed Canvas Jacket for Women might be just the thing.

$199, Cotopaxi Bengal Waxed Canvas Jacket

There's nothing like a wool Everlane coat for the modern minimalist.

$195, The Premium Wool Oversized Unstructured Coat

And finally, here's a short trench from Everlane - that looks as versatile as it is darling.

$135, The Swing Trench