1 Dress 10 Different Outfits

So often we stare in our closets half awake and glossy-eyed muttering the same 5 words "I have nothing to wear." This immediately sends a red flare to our significant other because more often than not, those very unassuming 5 words are followed by a weekend shopping spree. 

Unfortunately, this is a problem we cannot shop our way out of even though many of us have tried. In fact, shopping only complicates it. We'll go to the mall, add more clothes that feel new for a week or two, then slowly find those same clothes melting into our full closets. Until once again we find ourselves speaking the same 5 words, 8 weeks later. 

So it got us thinking... what if the next time you felt those same words slipping off the tip of your tongue, you instead made a conscious change in your behavior? Choosing to style your way out of the problem, rather than shop.

Let's take this sleeveless button up shirt dress as an example. It's simple and spans across all 4 seasons. For you, it might be a button up shirt or a long sleeve shift dress. You can pick your poison based on your closet.

To prove less can be more and feeling bored can inspire creativity, we took 1 core item and turned it into 10 different outfits. 

**Don't worry these were all shot in one day... we thought you might need a break from the whole 10x10 challenge

The Dress

1. Long Sleeve Tee, Dress, Belt, Ankle Booties

2. Trench Coat, Dress, Ankle Booties


3. Dress, Cable Knit Sweater, Tights, Ankle Booties

4. Dress, Knit Vest, Heels

5. Jean Jacket, Scarf, Dress, Tall Boots

6. Turtleneck, Dress, Belt, Tall Boots

8. Turtleneck, Dress, Belt, Flats

8. Leather Jacket, Scarf, Dress, Ankle Booties

9. Jean Jacket, Dress, Belt, Skinny Jeans, Ankle Booties

10. Anorak Jacket, Scarf, Dress, Ankle Booties