Thoughtful Gift Guides

In the holiday season, we're often given two different types of people:

Person #1 is hustling and bustling his or her way through shopping malls everywhere, ignoring a sinus infection while pushing through Black Friday lines to get everyone in the Person #1 family a gift they hate and won't use. Harsh? Yes. You? I'm gonna stay out of this.

Person #2, on the other hand, has become the Minimalist Grinch of Christmas, breaking off relationships with close family members who dared to ignore his or her no gift policy. As soon as the wrapping paper appears, Person #2 flies into a rage about experiences! Mhmm.

Well, here's a new thought. Let's toss out the archetypes of the crazy shopper or grinchy minimalist and just choose to be thoughtful this year. Churchill once said,

"We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give."

Whatever your Christmas-gift-decision is this year, make it thoughtful. To help you out, we've gone on a gift guide hunt and here are our favorites from The Good Trade.

These beautiful gift guides — full of fair trade, ethical, and sustainable gifts sure are a great place to start:

Your 2016 Guide To Gifts That Give Back {For Women}

Your 2016 Guide To Gifts That Give Back {For Men}

I hope to lose the "Present VS. No Present" mentality this year and simply learn to celebrate thoughtfully! So, if I intend to give gifts, then I'm going to try to give good gifts recognizing the need (and wants!) of the people around me and making sure that these gifts are thoughtfully given and made.

Here's to a thoughtful Christmas season.