Cladwell's 10x10 - A Recap

Feeling accomplished and happy to be wearing more than ten items from our closets, the Cladwell team has officially wrapped up the 10x10 Challenge. 10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days. Crazy? Maybe.

But during the challenge, the Cladwell team reached new heights of stylistic creativity, learned about personal style, and took essentially no time to get ready in the morning (but for reals, there were only 10 items to choose from!). So, maybe there's something to this crazy challenge after all.

For a story of caffeine, stylistic creativity, and topknots, check out Erin's 10x10.

"To be honest, I was feeling bored with my fall capsule. This little challenge snapped me out of my closet rut and reinvigorated my creativity."

If you're a shoe lover who can't fathom choosing a mere two pair for ten days, Robin's 10x10 is a must read.

"I always knew I had a love for weird, crazy shoes, and this definitely confirmed that. When picking my 10 items, I really wanted to prioritize shoes. I show the most of my personality and style through shoes, so I wanted to pick two of my flashier pairs."

If the concept of personal style is as vague for you as it is for me, Alison's 10x10 might provide you with a little definition and inspiration to go find your own.

"I felt like I was constantly wearing the same outfit through this challenge - but as I look back through all the photos I'm a bit surprised by how different all the days look."

If you're new to capsuling and minimalism, and these words strike fear (or maybe just confusion!) into your heart, give my 10x10 a read.

"As I search for interchangeable, lasting pieces, I need to make sure they are items I love, truly lovelike the floral button down from this challenge that I could wear again and again and again. Minimalism isn't about a certain style; it's about a way of shaping and forming your style in order to simplify shopping, dressing, and living."

Ok, we accepted the challenge. We completed the challenge. Your turn.