Holiday Party How To

Holiday parties are here. And here's my one piece of advice. Yes, just the one...but it's pretty comprehensive. Don't feel like you need to go out and buy something new. Whether it's the stress of co-workers or just plain ole insecurity, don't cave to the pressure of "new stuff." It's just not worth it. And that sequined dress hanging in your closet (that trust me you'll never wear again) just isn't worth impressing people who A) don't care or B) are just as concerned about "what to wear" as you are.

Don't get me wrong, if you need a new holiday LBD, go out and get it! The gist is, don't feel the status-quo pressure to buy clothing items that you don't want for one event. So, what am I suggesting? Skip the party? Netflix instead? Oh no, I love a party...

Instead, shop your own closet. Seriously. Re-purpose those dresses, sweaters, skirts and tops that are begging to be worn.

In all honesty, I was doing all sorts of "holiday outfit searches" on Pinterest when I thought, why don't I virtually re-purpose too?? So, I went through the existing Cladwell Pinterest boards and found looks that we've already pinned that could work for a Christmas party or gathering!

Hopefully, these give you a little holiday inspiration... but my biggest hope is that they encourage you to shop your own closet, lose the holiday clothing pressure, and just enjoy this beautiful season.

Holiday Looks - Modern Minimalist

Holiday Looks - Prep

Holiday Looks - Eclectic Grunge

Holiday Looks - Girl Next Door

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