10 Minimalist Women To Follow On Instagram

Fashion has blown up on Instagram but how do you root out the pages worth following? We've curated a list from well known to little known and from high fashion to capsule wardrobes.

Our new iOS app Outfits by Cladwell recommends daily outfit suggestions based on what you own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item. We've been inspired to create this app by you and by outfits from Instagrammers like these.

So without further ado here are the 10 Instagrammers you'll want to follow ASAP.  Disclaimer: outfit envy may occur. 

1. @theaugustdiaries

Jill Lansky's Instagram is "European chic meets West Coast sophistication." We dig her easy, minimalist style and the scenery pics aren't hard on the eyes either. 

2. @inspiringwit

Just looking at Jenelle Witty's Instagram we feel healthier, well travelled and more stylish. It's safe to say this feed is a breath of fresh air.

3. @allthatisshe

Food, fashion and cute kids. Dominique's capsule wardrobe chronicle is definitely worth a gander.  

4. @sincerelyjules

Boasting 3.3 million followers Julie Sarinana has cool girl style down pat. So go ahead add yourself to the millions who get to enjoy Julie's travels around the world, drool worthy meals and don't forget incredible fashion. 

5. @itsafterfive

Vy Tran's Instagram isn't just a place for fashion lovers. Her photos depict coffee, food, landscapes, interiors, exteriors and more all in clean white hues. 

6. @couldihavethat

Samantha Wennerstrom shows women that you can be a mom and have great style. Her Instagram is full of clean, crisp images that make you want to move to Cali pronto. 

7. @caroline_joy (un-fancy)

Caroline Rector basically wrote the book on capsule wardrobes and her Instagram proves it. She also posts a lot of pictures chronicling her everyday life including camping trips, baking and home reno.  

8. @oraclefoxblog

Amanda Shadforth is a creative director, photographer, stylist and illustrator and her Instagram is a testament to that. This feed is a mix of monochromatic fashion, architecture and travel. 

9. @jennifer_heater

A self proclaimed "amateur landscape photographer" with a capsule wardrobe is an enchanting combination. You'll want to see this.

10. @pepamack

Australian creative director Pepa Mack uses simple pieces of clothing to create outfits that go viral. Seriously, if you like to look up outfits on Pinterest take a glance down her feed. You'll see some familiar outfits there.