How To Create A Maternity Capsule

Pregnancy is hard enough without trying to figure out what clothes will fit you this week. That's why we made this all-season guide to creating a maternity capsule wardrobe. Remember, if you don't have these exact pieces it's OK. Just use similar items in your existing wardrobe to personalize your capsule or take this as a basic template to better define your own. 

Tips for making your capsule:

1. Do a mini closet cleanout. First and foremost, prep for a closet cleanout. There is no reason to stare endlessly at clothes you can no longer wear. This is helping no one. So once you reach the point where buttoning your jeans is no longer a thing... it's time to go one layer deeper and perform a mini closet cleanout. Separate your clothes into two piles 1) items that fit 2) items that don't. Pack away pile two for the next 6-9 months, depending on the stage in which you begin this process. Once you complete the cleanout, you'll have a much better idea on what you truly need to complete your mini maternity capsule. Trust us, this will make getting dressed more simple and keep you excited in the present, not envious of the future. The idea is to create a maternity capsule you love just as much as your seasonal capsule. So get excited... seriously, do it!

2. Invest in pieces you'll wear a lot. Buying one or two pairs of nice maternity jeans will go a long way. Both comfort and style wise. Also, don't underestimate the resale value if you're concerned about the cost.

3. Use clothes you already have. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you exclusively have to wear maternity clothes. Feeling like yourself is more important than ever, so finding tops you already own is a perfect solution to making your maternity capsule represent you. Keep flowy tops and dresses in your closet. 

4. Buy clothes that are versatile. If you didn't already know you'll be pregnant for 9 months which means the weather is going to change. So if you're going to buy any new clothes to fill out your capsule try to purchase items that can be worn through multiple seasons. 

5. Buy second-hand or use hand-me-downs. It seems that once you announce you're pregnant the amount of hand-me-downs to consider is a real thing. So I'm told. To avoid looking like some weird pregnant version of yourself, we recommend using these generous opportunities as a way to save money on your basics such as tees, tanks, neutrals etc...  Another option is to shop second-hand for items specific to maternity. Also, when put in a situation where accepting hand-me-downs only creates more clutter, don't forget to give yourself permission to just say no.

6. Basics will go a long way. Looking for length in your basic cami's and tees to fit over your bump will be the key to layering as your belly grows. 


Lastly, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you shouldn't look like yourself. Wear the clothes you love, the ones that allow you to express who you are.