How To Find The Best Sunglasses For Your Face [Women]

A pair of sunglasses can transform the girl next door into a diva (the female version of a hustler, if you didn't know). Ok maybe that's a stretch, but it's no lie that the right pair of shades can add the finishing touch to an outfit. If you're like most people sometimes you struggle to know which sunglasses to wear. Now that you're getting a hang of your capsule, we'd hate for this to be the thing that keeps you from moving forward. We've got you covered. Simply scroll on. 


Square faces look best in circular frames that soften your more angular face.

Round faces look best in square or angular frames that give definition to your soft features. 

Oval faces are symmetrical and look good in pretty much any frames. 

Diamond faces look best in frames that have both angular and round elements

Heart faces look best in narrow rectangular frames. 

*Disclaimer: you'll look best in the shades that make you feel confident. So wear the frames that make you feel like YOU.