How to Make 5 Outfits from 1 Suit

Everyone knows that a suit is an investment piece. However, it's still hard to shell out major dough for one. The best way to tackle this dilemma is to think about your suit as it relates to cost per wear. You might be thinking "how many times am I really going to wear a suit?" Okay, fair point. That's why we're going to show you 5 different ways to wear a suit so you get the most bang for your buck. 

1. The Obvious One


We recommend a grey suit (dark or light) because it's the more versatile and universally flattering. A grey suit with a white button up and navy tie is a timelessly sharp look. This look will work for almost every body type, style and coloring. 

2. Jacket and Jeans


A suit jacket, patterned button up and dark wash jeans is a great look for the weekend or a casual day at work. This look can be dressed up or down depending on the jeans, button up and shoes. You can make it more casual with a loafer or more formal with dress shoes. 

3. Jacket and Sweatshirt


This look is casual and cool. Great for the weekend or going out after work. When choosing a sweatshirt to go under your jacket make sure the greys are either almost the same color (monochromatic) or create a pretty extreme contrast. Essentially you want your color choice to look intentional. 

4. Button-Up and Trousers


Again this look can be worn for work or for a more formal activity on the weekend. This look can be worn with a formal button up making it dressier or a gingham or chambray shirt making it much more relaxed and casual. Make sure to change your shoes according to your shirt choice i.e. dress shoes with a dress shirt and casual boots or loafers with a more casual shirt. 

5. Jacket and Khakis


Depending on your work environment this outfit could work for casual Friday or just going out on the weekend. The khakis and chambray button up make this one of the more casual outfits on the list. However, the suit jacket and dress boots make this outfit not too casual that it can't be worn to work. 

If you're going to include a suit in your capsule, be sure to make the most of it.