5 Ways to Wear Booties

I like booties and I cannot lie. Seriously, booties are no joke. They can be one of the most versatile shoes for your capsule and span across all seasons. So rather than continue to write about it, let us show you 5 different ways to wear them.

1. Cuffed

Cuffing your jeans is really in right now (if you didn't notice). It's an easy way to make your jeans the right length for different shoes. For example no cuff = heels and flats and cuff = booties. We recommend 1-3 rolls when cuffing your jeans. Try to keep your cuffs relatively small similar to the photo below. Your cuff should definitely not be taller than 2 inches.  

2. With a skirt or dress

Booties look great with dresses and skirts and are a lot more comfortable than heels. The best silhouettes to wear with booties are pencil skirts and fuller midi skirts. You can also wear booties with maxis but make sure that some part of your leg is visible or you'll look swallowed by your ensemble. 

3. Open toe & Cut off jeans

Peep toe sling-backs are the booties of spring and summer. These shoes are comfortable and versatile and can be worn through basically every season but winter (and even that depending on your location). These shoes look great with an ankle jean. Don't have a pair of perfectly cropped jeans? Make some! Use some old jeans that need a little face lift and cut them to a cropped length to wear with booties. Just a few turns in the wash and those old jeans will have a cool cropped look. 

4. Monochromatic 

You know how they say to wear nude pointed toe heels to make you legs look longer? This is the same concept. Wearing a pair of high waisted black jeans tucked into black pointed toe booties will make your legs look longer and leaner. And this combo looks good with almost any style of top from a sweatshirt to a blouse. 

5. Cuffed with socks 

Want a more laid-back comfy look when wearing booties? Try cuffing your jeans and wearing a cute pair of socks. This is a favorite around our office with men and women. Just throw on your favorite over-sized sweater and you're good to go!