How to Combine Jackets and Trousers for Your Capsule

There's something intimidating about mixing and matching suits. Yet, it's one of those things that when done right, can give you a million more outfit options. Alright, so maybe not a million more but certainly more than before. Let us give you some tips for how to combine your jackets and trousers to get the most out of your capsule.

Black Jacket

A black blazer looks best with black, grey or light blue pants. You could also wear khaki, olive or patterned pants with a black blazer. Stay away from navy and dark brown pants. Wearing an all black suit is typically reserved for weddings and funerals so change it up with a different colored pant. 

Grey Jacket

Grey blazers look best with colors that compliment it's cool tone. Grey, black and blue pants work best. A grey suit works for every time of year. Try wearing a grey jacket with blue pants in the spring/summer and black or grey pants for fall/winter. 

Light Blue Jacket

A light blue jacket will look great with light blue, navy, grey and black pants. This color jacket is typically reserved for spring and summer. Keep in mind that this color is more informal than a navy suit. 

Navy Jacket

A navy jacket is versatile and can be worn with tan, grey, light blue and navy pants. Navy jackets can look both classic when worn with tan pants and more modern with grey pants. You can make this look more formal when worn with navy trousers and more informal with light blue trousers. 

Tan Jacket

A tan jacket is great for spring and summer. It can be worn with light blue or navy blue trousers for a more preppy look or black and tan trousers for a classic ensemble. 

Brown Jacket

Brown jackets look best with tan, brown, or navy trousers. A dark brown jacket works best for fall and winter.