Meet Cotopaxi

We're beginning a series to introduce you to ethical retailers we discovered from hours of scouring the interwebs and stumbling upon hidden gems. These companies are either ethical, sustainable, made in the USA or all of the above. These brands are the pioneers of ethical fashion that we hope will revolutionize the industry. 

"[Cotopaxi] create[s] innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty alleviation, move people to do good, and inspire adventure."

Cotopaxi funds sustainable poverty alleviation around the world while making some pretty cool outdoor products. This includes jackets, tees, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents and more. You can feel good about getting outside in their quality gear and the positive impact it makes on people around the globe. 

Why they do what they do:

Davis Smith who founded Cotopaxi as a B Corp said:

“A lot of these large global brands pulled out of Bangladesh because it was too much of a risk.These brands should say we're going to stand up, not abandon these people. 100 percent of their economy is based on textile fabrication.”

Cotopaxi has factories in Bangladesh and the Philippines and takes pride in spending time in their factories, nourishing the companies' culture. They build lasting relationships with their manufacturers and in turn want their employees to have a strong social culture. Their employees have unions, hiking groups and even sports teams by department. Cotopaxi provides jobs in countries that rely heavily on garment production as income and supply their employees with a safe and fun work place.