How to Tie a Tie and Bow Tie

After taking a poll of our office we came to the conclusion that most men don't know how to tie a bow tie and some even struggle with tying a satisfactory tie. Ok, our survey style and sample size were pretty unscientific. Nonetheless, we're convinced that our results were accurate at depicting this cry for help from the male population. That's why we made a video to help guys feel confident in their bow tie and tie making abilities. 

Begin with the one side of the bow tie longer than the other.

Tie a basic knot. 

Take one side of the bow tie and make a loop with your finger. 

Bring this across making the 'bow tie' shape. Take the unfolded side of the bow tie and bring it over the middle of the folded side. 

Pinch the folded side of the bow tie together with the unfolded side in the middle.

Pull the pinched side of the bow tie forward which will reveal a loop in the back of the bow tie. 

Push the unfolded side of the bow tie through the loop you revealed by pinching and pulling the folded side forward. 

Once you push the unfolded side through the loop you're almost there! Just pull the loops tight by holding each loop and gently pulling both sides. 

Next hold the knot in the middle of the tie as you readjust the sides of the tie by pulling the ends of each side of the bow tie (not the loops). 

Flip down your collar and you're DONE. 

Again start with your tie one side longer than the other. 

Next cross the long side over the short side. 

Bring the long side under the short side. 

And bring it back over the short side. 

Next put the long side through the loop you created by bringing it around the short side. 

Pull it all the way through and tighten the knot and you're DONE.