Discover Which Dress Is Best for Your Body Type

We're so used to the world telling us what we should be and how we should look. But what the world needs more of is YOU, being YOU. Let's embrace who we are, how we look, and show it off a bit. Below is description of each shape to help you identify your body type and discover which dress may work best for you!

Discover Your Body Type


An apple shape has rounded shoulders, average to full bust and carries weight in their mid- section. The great news is that you have awesome legs, so show them off!

Try: A Swing Dress

A swing dress will glide over your upper half camouflaging your mid-section and show off your legs for days. A v-neckline will make you look longer and leaner. So lets just say it's about a win-win.   


This shape is defined by a thinner upper body and fuller hips and thighs. You carry most of your curves on your lower half but still have a defined waist. 

Try: A Fit and Flare

A fit and flare dress will show off your slim upper body and de-emphasize your lower half. Try a dress that has details around the neckline that brings attention to your upper half. 


Your shoulders and hips are equal width and you have a defined waist. There's not much you can't pull off. 

Try: A Wrap Dress

A wrap dress will show off your defined waist and emphasize your shape. Additionally, wrap dresses are classic. It's a dress you can buy and wear for years to come. 


Your shoulders, waist and hips are almost the same width. This body type is also known as the athletic build.

Try: A Draped or Ruched Dress

A dress that has draping or ruching will give the illusion of more curves. Don't be afraid to try dresses with excess fabric to create curves and volume.

Inverted Triangle

The widest part of your body is your shoulders and there isn't as much definition between your waist and your hips. 

Try: An A-line Dress

An a-line dress will create balance between your shoulders and hips by giving more volume to your lower half. Try to keep the straps of your dress wide and keep detail on your lower half ideally on the bottom of the skirt.