A Men's Guide for What to Wear to Work

The morning struggle is no joke. It's why Mark Zuckerberg, President Obama, and this girl wear the same outfit pretty much every day. It's also one of the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe. That's why we created some outfit inspiration for what to wear to work. One less decision you have to make, so your day goes a little bit more smoothly. These three outfits are simple; however, they can be worn in a range of different colors and patterns depending on what clothes you have in your existing wardrobe. This isn't about looking like a plastic mannequin. Though, let's be honest who doesn't want a sculpted bod. So, maybe sculpted bod went one step too far. I digress... What this is really about is helping you develop and reflect your individual style. Because whether or not you know what it is, you do have it in there... somewhere. It may be hidden behind a loose-fitted polo and khakis but let's help you find it.

This year the blue checked shirt has spread as widely and quickly as a highly contagious epidemic. If by some incredible happen stance you don't have a blue checked shirt in your closet any work appropriate button up will do. This outfit can be worn with a fitted darker khaki or chino. The key to making an outfit look put together is by matching your shoes and belt. It seems like a really simple thing to do; however, it makes it look like you really put some thought into your outfit. For a business casual look think about investing in a pair of leather shoes that are less fancy than a leather pair of dress shoes. Typically, these shoes can be worn to work but can also be worn when you need to look nice on the weekend. 

This work outfit is more dressy and professional than our other two looks. Depending on your work environment this could be a great outfit for a presentation or an important meeting when you don't want to wear a monochromatic suit. This outfit can have endless possibilities if you keep a white button up as the foundation of your outfit. You can wear a tie, dress pants, chinos, a patterned sport coat, a monochromatic color palette. The list goes on and on. Just think of this outfit as the template and your jackets, shirts and pants as the blocks to fill it in. With this mentality it's much easier to think of a multitude of combinations, making your mornings just a little bit easier. 

This outfit is great because it's polished enough to wear to work on a casual day but also stylish enough to wear out with friends on the weekend (maybe just ditch the pack). There's always a bit of risk involved when breaking out the Canadian tuxedo however we've got some helpful tips to keep you from looking like Justin circa '01. When wearing denim on denim especially in a work environment make sure to choose items that don't have over the top washes or stitching. Try to keep it as simple as possible. Also keeping a high contrast between the two colors of denim makes the look much more modern. When done right this look is polished and stylish. Simply follow our two simple guidelines and you're good to go.