A Capsule for The Athlete

If you think about it starting a capsule wardrobe is a pretty remarkable journey. It's quite similar to losing weight or changing your eating habits. Creating and living with a capsule wardrobe is all about having the chance to pause and hit restart. Along the way it's important to discover your personal style so that your capsule reflects who you are. Honestly, this is where a lot of people get stuck. There's this HUGE misconception that if you have a capsule wardrobe your clothes are plain and all neutral colors. While having basics and neutrals help make a capsule more cohesive, they aren't an absolute. In fact, we want to show you capsule wardrobes focusing on 7 common styles to show just how different capsules can be. Stay tuned and enjoy. 

The Athlete loves to be comfortable but doesn't want to compromise on style. At least not all the time. His color palette may mirror the colors of his favorite sports team or the colors of his gym clothes. He takes care of himself and wants people to know,  which is not only reflected in his health but also in his clothes. This style is all about incorporating activewear and everyday clothes to create a cohesive yet laid back style.