A Capsule for The Casual Guy

That's right fellas, capsules aren't just for girls! Don't let our use of the word fellas dissuade you, capsuling is the future of fashion. Doesn't having a closet full of clothes that all go together in coordinating and completely easy cohesive outfits sound amazing?? It could only be simpler if we prepackaged the outfits for you (we're getting there people, patience).

Guys - we've got an app that will help dress you, and you can try it for free here. It sends you expertly styled outfits every morning using the clothes you already own.

In this post we're going to show you a capsule for the guy who likes to be comfortable and casual and still look put together. Seems too good to be true? Scroll on. 

The Casual Guy like to keep things simple when it comes to his wardrobe in fact if he didn't have to put pants on everyday he probably wouldn't (ditto, am I right... too far? ok). However he understands that having a put together look is kind of a necessity now-a-days. So he keeps his color palette and style simple which is an advantage when is comes to this whole capsule thing. The casual guy usually keeps his style pretty casual for work. If your work place isn't casual don't fear! Simply swap out the chinos for dress pants and a sweatshirt for a sport coat and you're good to go (ok maybe more than one sport coat).