10 Awesome Instagram Travel Photographers You Need To Follow

Following our favorite travel Instagrammers has become part of our daily routine. It's a little snapshot into their lives and an escape into other parts of the world. These are 10 Instagram accounts we can't get enough of. Take a moment during your day off work and follow the ones you love. While you're at it swing by @cladwellteam and say hello.


Trey Ratcliff is a "warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer" who travels the world taking some spectacular photos. When we say he's travelled the world we mean it. Follow along with him to his exotic travel locations and laugh along at the "bizarre situations he often finds himself in." 


Kirsten Alana is a lifestyle and luxury travel photographer, blogger, content creator and public speaker. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram, which would explain why her account is so amazing. 


Passion Passport is a group of travelers, storytellers and creatives who want to inspire you to travel. They provide events and experiences for traveling all over the world. 


Chris Burkard is a photographer, speaker, director and author who has worked for some people you might've heard of like Apple, Microsoft, The North Face, Sony, Corona, Volkswagen and so many more. Needless to say this feed is a must follow. 


Travel Noire creates tools, resources & experiences to help travelers discover their next journey. Their Instagram feed does just that with a compilation of photos from where their travelers have visited. 


Matthew Karsten is a blogger, adventurer and photographer. He left 5 years ago to travel for 1 year and hasn't stopped since. He believes in traveling to immerse yourself in a new culture and thus see the world from someone else's perspective. 


Daniel Noll is a storyteller, speaker, consultant and professional world traveller. Daniel and his wife Audrey travel to write photo essays on food, people, places and much more. They've travelled to South America, Central America, Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Antarctica.


Alexander Lefler is a part of a wedding photography team of two and was a designer at Cladwell. We may be biased putting him on this list but you can't argue that the pictures he takes of his travels are pretty breath-taking. 


Zack Fackrell is a videographer for Passion Passport. He also has a pretty incredible Instagram feed from his travels for work and for fun. 


Andy Best is a filmmaker and photographer. He believes in life, love and the pursuit of adventure. He has a passion for people and the world around him, which is evident from his incredible feed of adventure after adventure.  


Talk about couple and travel goals. Samuel Taipale and his wife travel the world and take some pretty mesmerizing photos while doing it. This feed is a must see.