5 Stories Around The Web You Can't Miss

Inspiration at your service

Whether you're looking for motivational quotes to hang around your desk, cool places for your next vacation, coffee that doesn't look real, or just some plain old outfit inspiration our Pinterest page has got something for you. 

Fashion REvolution

In case you missed it, Fashion Revolution week brought awareness to slow fashion a few weeks back. April 24th was the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Collapse in Dhaka, India. Rana Plaza was the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history killing over 1,100, injuring 2,500 and orphaning 800. 

Minimalist Decor DIY

Are you as obsessed with the clean, simple minimalist interior spaces popping up all over the web? We are too! (again see our Pinterest for proof) How does one get their house so clean we ask and how do you keep it that way? This article may not answer those questions but it will guide you to decorate the minimalist way. 

Emma for Slow Fashion

We knew we liked Emma Watson as Hermione in the Harry Potter series, loved when she left acting to go to college, respected her when she became a UN ambassador but now we can no longer hide our adoration. 

500 Startups

If you're interested check out the accelerator we'll be working with for the next few months. While you're at it leave us a comment letting us know if there's any places we should go, things we should see and most importantly places we should eat at while in San Francisco.