3 Outfits Any Guy Can Wear On Vacation

Going on vacation is supposed to be a stress free, care free, drama free time. Although if you're anything like us it doesn't always turn out that way. To help your trip go a little smoother we've made some outfit recommendations so looking stylish is one less thing you have to think about because we already did it for you! 

When you're traveling it's important to be comfortable. You never know when you'll need to explore a town you're passing through or stop to try out the local cuisine. For those activities, you'll not only want to be comfortable but you'll also want to look picture worthy because if you didn't take a picture did it really happen? That's why we suggest a short sleeve button down, flat front shorts, leather sneakers and a sweet backpack. 


A linen button down, lightweight chinos and leather sneakers makes a great outfit for a nice dinner or going out at night. For warm weather and summer in general we recommend lightweight cotton and linen which will help keep you cool even in long sleeves and pants. 

Alright guys, this outfit is super simple but that's how your life should be when you're on vacation, am I right? This outfit is great for everything from grocery shopping to grabbing lunch or simply switch out the shorts for swim trunks and you're ready for the beach, pool or any other body of water.