How to Create a Capsule With Bohemian Style (Plus, Start Your Closet Cleanout)

We've heard it a hundred times (or probably more) "I don't think I could live with a capsule wardrobe because I'm not a modern minimalist." We're here to blast that misconception (excuse) into smithereens. No, we aren't pirates but we do feel fiercely when it comes to this topic. We know for a fact (we are living proof) that you can still have color and personal style while living with a capsule wardrobe. The entire point of a capsule is to let the world see who you are by reflecting what's on the inside by showing off your unique style.

If you're not sure how to do that... well... that's why we are alive on the interwebs. You can begin by STARTING YOUR CLOSET CLEANOUT.

We're cranking out a series to show you capsules for 7 common style archetypes. Let us know what ones you'd like to see. 

The Bohemian loves earthy colors, embroidery, flowy silhouettes and an all around relaxed vibe. Earthy colors don't look good on you? That's totally fine as long as you keep the ornamented, flowy, 70's feel in your capsule no one will mistake you for anything but the hippie babe that you are. Boho is a style that gets a lot of its characteristics from its accessories. Lucky for you this means even MORE combinations and opportunities for endless outfits.