5 Tips to Make Getting Dressed in the Morning Less Stressful

Everyone knows the dreaded feeling of running out of time in the morning as you're trying to get dressed. Whether you can't find your favorite tee that you planned on wearing or you just aren't loving your outfit, a bad start in the morning can put a damper on your whole day. Try some of these tips for getting dressed to make your morning routine a breeze.

5 Tips for Getting Dressed in the Morning

1. Check the Weather

Check what the day's weather is supposed to be like the night before. While the predictions definitely aren't 100% accurate, they can give you a basic idea on how many layers you may need in the morning. Try downloading an app like AccuWeather or The Weather Channel for quick updates.

2. Set Out Your Entire Outfit the Night Before

While this might seem obvious to some, this can be a life changer! I challenge you to do this for 1 week. Changing your habits can be hard so commit to testing this out for an entire week. Not only will this let you pre-plan your outfit, but this will also guarantee that you actually save you time searching for the items. I can't tell you how many times I've spent mornings looking for that second shoe or jacket that I have somehow misplaced once again. 

3. Get Rid of Any Wrinkles

Take a look at all of your clothes the night before to see if anything needs any ironing or steaming, because nothing can ruin a look faster then clothes that look they were just rolled up in a ball. Hang the clothes up in the bathroom while you (or your roommate) takes a shower to let them take care of themselves. When in doubt, steam it out!

4. Pick Out and Pack Your Bag the Night Before

If you hate switching things from bag to bag, keep a mini inner-bag that you can swap from bag to bag. Instead of running around throwing things in your purse in the morning, grab everything you need the night before. This will help to make sure you have all of your essentials like your wallet and keys. 

5. Organize Your Accessories

Invest in a cute jewelry tray, or even better a jewelry tree. Organize all of your favorite pieces, I like to sort by metals (silver, gold, rose gold, etc.). I also like to sort all of my scarves like socks in a drawer so they are easy to find.

One less decision in the day is always a good thing. So do your part to make your morning simple. Try these tips to speed up your morning routine and keep that snooze button going!