What if Your Baby Had a Minimal Wardrobe? Meet Mori.


Moms we take our hats off to you (or we would if we were wearing any). Not only do you have to worry about dressing yourself in the morning but you also have to attempt to make other little tiny humans (otherwise known as kids) somewhat presentable to enter the world. Or perhaps for you, it goes the other way around. You spend so much time getting your tiny humans ready to face the day that your own personal style is just an after thought.

Given the latter of the two is likely the case, we couldn't resist creating a minimal and interchangeable wardrobe so you could spend less time worry about what he or she should wear and more time straight up snuggling. Without further ado we thought you should... 

Meet Mori

Mori is an ethically made brand based out of the UK that creates soft gender neutral basics in simple, clean tones, crafted from the silken touch of organic bamboo and cotton-mixed fabrics. They provide baby essentials that can simply be mixed and matched! Sound too good? Check out the baby capsule wardrobe with less than 20 essentials using clothing only from Mori.

EDITORS NOTE:  If you don't ooh and ahh.. you have no soul. Seriously... how unbelievably cute is this capsule wardrobe? 

Not only will having a minimal wardrobe for your baby make it easier for both of you to get dressed in the morning, it will also cut down on all the clutter.

But what about the people who love to give the gift of clothing? We're glad you asked. They have a simple wish list for friends and family. Bonus for aunts and uncles, Mori sends personalized gifts too!

All in all, their goal is to make the early stages of parenthood a little easier which is something we can certainly appreciate, and we think you will too.