3 Ways to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding capsule wardrobes is that they require a neutrals-only color scheme and that incorporating vivid color is ‘just too hard’ because with only a select number of pieces, nothing is ever going to match. We kindly disagree.

Like every individual is unique and different, no two capsules should be completely identical. The only way to ensure that you’ll still love your wardrobe, even in its most pared-down form, is that it is still a reflection of who you are. For some extra help, take our quiz to find out which colors look best on you. Then, let our new daily outfit app, Outfits by Cladwell, help you figure out what to wear each day with the colors you already own. 

So if you consider yourself to be a vibrant and colorful person, then don’t think that making a capsule means a totally monochromatic lifestyle. Odds are, if you force yourself to wear nothing but black, white, and gray, you’ll be much more likely to cave and buy that insanely colorful dress from Forever 21  because it’s cheap and you’re desperately craving some color in your life. It’s like being on a diet; starving yourself is only going to lead to cravings and binging.

So here’s a few tips on how incorporating color into your capsule can be as easy as cake - and just as delicious too!

Tip number one:  some neutral pieces are still important.

Keeping your basics neutral will make incorporating those much-needed pops of color much easier. A white blouse, some black jeans, and a great denim jacket are all versatile wardrobe staples that will look great paired with colorful pieces.

Tip number two:  Add color where it makes sense.

Just like keeping your basics neutral is second nature, getting creative with color can be easy too. Tops, skirts, and dresses look great when color is incorporated. Keeping in mind what items will be worn together can help guide you in incorporating print and pattern. A great printed top and a solid skirt or a solid top and a fun patterned skirt can both be great combinations as long as both pieces are in the same color scheme.

Tip number three:  Create a color scheme/palette (it can be your best friend or your worst enemy.)

Keeping all of your colorful pieces in a color scheme can make matching a lot easier. Primary colors, jewel tones, and pastels are all examples of color groupings that look great together, regardless of the hue. Picking colors that make sense with your style is also important; pastels look great with preppy styles, jewel tones are chic and polished, and fun, bright primary and secondary colors can be incorporated into almost any style.

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you to add pops of color into your capsule. Happy styling!