Throw a Packing Party and Declutter Your Closet

I recently came across a podcast called “The Minimalists.” It features two young, professional men from Dayton, Ohio who talk about their journey starting off living the “American Dream.” They had their suburban homes and luxury cars, but they didn’t feel truly successful because they weren’t happy. Then they discovered minimalism and spent a lot of time scouring the web for more information and doing research on simple living. What they discovered was this group of people who don’t have a lot of things, but are happy and free. The two decided to join them and their lives haven’t been the same. To read more about their story click here.

What I’ve learned from the podcast is that minimalism isn’t just a pretty way to decorate with white space and splashes of greenery here and there. Nor is it a clean Instagram feed. And it’s not just getting rid of a bunch of stuff. It’s a lifestyle.

Minimalism is the tool that helps simplify your life by stripping away the excess so you can focus on what’s truly important. When we get rid of our clutter, we make room for things of value in our lives. 


One of the cool ways you can start decluttering is called the  “30-Day Minimalism Game.” Essentially, this is when you get rid of one thing you don’t need on day one, on day two you get rid of two things, day three, three things, and so on and so forth with the goal of finishing until you’ve reached 30 days. You can have a few friends do it too and see how far you can get. This applies to clothing, household items, toiletries, etc. but imagine if you just did this with your closet. You would be left with what you truly want, and you can donate, sell, or trash the rest. If you're not up for the challenge quite yet another option may be to ease into it by throwing a "packing party."

How To Throw a Packing Party

What you do is literally pack everything that you own in boxes as if you were moving. You can cover items that are too big to box with a sheet so you can’t see them. Throughout the week only unpack things you need (ie. toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, etc.) By the end of the week you’ll notice most of your stuff is still packed, this is when you start to decide what needs to go! You keep what you brought out.

Again, start with just your wardrobe. You can do this for one week or for an entire season.

  1. Pack all of your summer clothing or anything you think you’d wear between now and fall.

  2. Then begin to take out an outfit each day for a week or two.

  3. What you wore during that time you can keep.

  4. For everything else, there was probably a reason behind why it didn’t get chosen. Time to give it away, sell, or trash.

Decluttering your closet isn’t easy. We often talk ourselves into keeping things we know we won’t wear. These two options are a fun way to get rid of that excess clothing and live a lighter, happier life.

Be sure to listen to The Minimalists’ podcast for more tips and encouragement.