Here's A Store That Wants You To Buy Less

It’s not everyday you see an online store with a tagline that reads “Life is more than clothing.” It seems rather counter-intuitive for someone who needs to sell clothes to stay in business. Yet, that's exactly what More Clothing Co. stands behind. Life is more than clothing, and people are more than consumers.

Really? Yes. Really!

The idea stemmed from the founders’ own problem trying to purchase ethically and sustainably made clothing. You see, it’s a simple concept. This idea that people should be able to feel good about the clothes you’re wearing, knowing that the those who made them are just as valuable as we are.

Sure clothes are great, but the founders also realized at the end of the day, they’ll never truly satisfy us. 

Alright, what is More Clothing?

It’s ethical, sustainable, quality clothing. They partner with some of the best brands in ethical fashion, to offer you one place to find timeless, versatile items for your wardrobe. I must say, it's perfect for filling the gaps in your capsule. You can easily find what you need and get back to loving, working, dreaming and making the world a better place.

The reason we love them.

Similar to our beliefs at Cladwell, these people are on a mission to combat the fast fashion industry and make ethical clothing more accessible.

Note to self:  You can even host a movie night through their Movies for More program and earn free clothes.

Shopping ethically is challenging. There's not a lot of stores to choose from and convenience often wins the battle when you're out shopping. But here's the thing, the less we have to "go out and shop" the better choices we can make. The better choices we can make the bigger impact we can have. The bigger impact we can have, the better this little place called the world becomes. End of story.