Why Living A Simple Life Is Missing The Point

There’s been a lot of talk around minimalism lately. Those searching for the term “capsule wardrobe” is more popular than ever before, and I think it’s fair to say we can all thank Marie Kondo for tidying up our life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the romance of having a simple life.

But a simple life is actually not the purpose.

We’re not decluttering our closets to have a simple life. We’re decluttering to have a life outside of our closets. A life full of meaning, purpose, connection, love, and joy. 

Too often, we replace one crutch with another slightly healthier one, never fully accomplishing what we set out to accomplish. If we are worried about the specific number of items we own and whether or not our closet qualifies as a true “capsule.” Well then, it’s likely we’ve lost our way and have missed the entire purpose of creating one. Living minimally is good until it becomes what we’re living for.

There’s a fine line between “simplifying your life” and living a “simple life.”

If all we do is change our habits from consuming material things to minimizing our material things, sure it may take some weight off our chest. But, we will ultimately be left with the same unsatisfying feeling we started with.

Ask yourself what you would do if you had more time?

Where would you focus your energy if you only worked on the things you felt were most important? Often, therein lies the reason for starting this journey. Rather than debating for days whether or not a t-shirt may bring you joy. Ask yourself what brings you joy outside of your t-shirt, and begin focusing your energy on how you can do just that.

Most importantly, simplifying your life is an ongoing process that grants you the freedom to find out who you want to be, but it's worth nothing if you never... go be it.