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If you’re not familiar with seasonal color palettes or haven’t studied Color Theory 101, you are not alone my friend. Unless you love this type of stuff, it’s probably something you rarely think about. We’ll break it down so you can understand once and for all what... in... the... world... a seasonal color palette is and how to apply to your style.

Then, let Outfits by Cladwell send you recommendations every day based on what clothes (and colors) you already have in your closet, and what it's like outside all without taking a single photo. So you can focus on the rest of your day.

In nature, there are certain types of colors that are synonymous for each season. For example, you don’t think about pumpkin pie or warm earth tones in the spring. You think about them as they relate to the fall. Well… and Starbucks. Just like a season reflects nature’s true colors, the same can be said for our personal features. Each of us have a seasonal color palette that reflects who we are based on the natural colors of our hair, eyes, and skin tone.

'But Cladwell, can I wear other colors?,' you ask. 'Yes. You can,' we answer while gazing off in the distance with a knowing smile… Of course, a seasonal color palette is merely a suggestion. You’re free to develop a color palette that works best for you, but sticking to our recommendations will maximize the interchangeability of your wardrobe.

Think of your color palette as a guide. It’s not meant to restrict you from wearing your favorite color but to help you create outfits that will bring out your complexion and highlight your best features.

Remember, building a capsule wardrobe is not about rules—but about having the freedom to express who you are through the clothes, colors, and styles that you love.