How To Shop Ethically On A Budget

Believe it or not, when it comes to clothing, you can put the words ethical and affordable in the same sentence. Promise.

Some may say that ethical fashion isn't for them because they don't want to wear shirts made out of recycled cans OR because it's just too expensive. Moving past the recycled can shirt myth, if buying ethical fashion right off the site isn't your jam, consider buying pre-worn clothing.

Before you immediately dismiss this option, hear me out. About 5 - 10 years ago the only way to make this a reality was to shop at your local Goodwill or consignment store. And unless you were an early hipster into vintage items and graphic tees it probably wasn’t for you.

With that said, 5-10 years is a long time ago in the technology age we currently live in. Today, you can shop second-hand from a full range of brands who specialize in this sort of thing. It keeps your dollars from supporting businesses who refuse to pay their labor fair wages and gives you access to a variety of items that may help showcase your unique style. It’s never been easier to look stylish and shop in an ethical way.

Here are our favorite sites and stores that help you shop easily, ethically...and affordably!