Fall Flannel Ideas For Every Style

It’s officially fall! Pumpkin spiced latte in hand, you head out (or online!) to find that favorite flannel for the season.

Moved by the gently falling leaves and the cinnamon aroma, you buy your new favorite flannel, wear it once to a hayride, and then what? It’s just another piece in your wardrobe that sits in your closet. No, no.

We suggest there’s more to a flannel than that. I'll repeat, we suggest that this piece can be a wonderful addition to your fall capsule wardrobe for every style and every activity. Each piece of a capsule wardrobe should be something you love and something that can be worn interchangeably.  So, we've done some pre-work for you—to show how your flannel can be a transferable, wearable piece for work or play! Something you can wear again and again—no matter your style preferences. 

The Preppy Flannel:


The Eclectic Grunge Flannel:


The Girly Girl Flannel:


The Modern Minimalist Flannel:


The Athlete Flannel:


The Girl Next Door Flannel:

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Image source for all photos above is Pinterest.com