Why Cladwell Accepted The 10x10 Challenge

You’ve heard of a Triathlon or an Iron Man... but have you heard of the 10x10? It’s a strenuous test of physical and mental prowess.

Ok, maybe it’s a little different and a lot less exhausting, but it's just as exciting (so says the team that works at a fashion company)!  As Caroline Joy Rector of Unfancy describes,

The challenge is to pick 10 pieces from your closet and create 10 outfits from them over the next 10 days.

The team at Cladwell saw Caroline's Fall Remix Series and got excited to do one of our own!

UnFancy's "Fall Remix"

UnFancy's "Fall Remix"

So, we've officially accepted the challenge. For the last 10 days, we've been mixing and matching ten items into ten different outfits.

Here at Cladwell, four different people with four different styles and four different levels of shopping and capsuling expertise all gave this a try. The results? Four dramatically different looks, experiences, and stories that we can't wait to share with you over the upcoming weeks!

We're not going to lie, we committed to the 10x10 on a whim— jumping in without thinking through the challenges that awaited us on the other side. But hey, a team that dresses together stays together. (People use that phrase all the time, right?)

Turns out, the 10x10 really was a challenge— one that caused us to think deeply about how we dress and how we shop. It made us step outside of our daily work and allowed us to reconnect with our purpose. The challenge prompted us to ask questions about our clothes, its interchangeability, and how creative we are about our style. Caroline says it best:

Because, if there’s one reoccurring lesson I’ve learned about my closet, it’s that when I remix what I have, I learn more about my style than I would if I’d simply gone shopping.

We gave this challenge a shot because we wanted to learn what we love, what we should re-purpose, and what we just don't need! Shopping only throws more options at you; it doesn't help you determine your own personal style. And that's what Cladwell is all about! And so is this challenge!

Or...that's what it's supposed to be about...  Stay posted for our 10x10 stories — what worked, what didn't, and how we felt when we finally got to wear the rest of our clothing again!