Cladwell's Shopping Guide: A Brand List To Help You Shop Ethically

Let's say you want to change the way you shop. You want to begin purchasing fewer items of higher quality. Items you can wear again and again. Instead of contributing to the unsustainable cycle of fast fashion, you want to contribute to economies and lives in good and ethical ways.

The problem becomes, where do you find these brands? You're right. You're not seeing them as you stroll through your local mall. And googling is for the birds. (Yes, I've always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence. But I digress...)

So, we've done some work for you. We’ve scoured the interwebs for ethical brands that are transparent about how their clothes are made. And we've made a list for you! A list we will be continually adding to as we find more.

We can’t guarantee this list is perfect. So we encourage you to explore further and do your own research before buying. But, we hope it's a good head start to a whole new way of shopping— and more importantly—living.

And now for that extensive and beautiful list you've been looking for:

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