How I'm Letting An App Dress Me - And Loving It (and how you can too!)

I'm pretty pumped to team up with my friends at Cladwell to host a #TakeTheTime Outfits Challenge.

This week, the girls from Cladwell and I will be letting Outfits by Cladwell, a new daily outfit app, dress us for a few days. The app gives you outfit ideas based on what you already own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item. Umm.. what? Sign me up. 

Here's how the #TakeTheTime Outfits Challenge works:  Let Outfits by Cladwell dress you for a week (or just a few days) and you’ll get 15 minutes back each morning. Then, tell the world how you #TakeTheTime. 

Is it exercise? A longer shower? Sleeping in? Yoga? Half an episode of Friends?

Why? We believe that on our death bed--if we are so blessed to get there--we will not wish that we did things fast. We want to give people time back so they can carpe the hell out their diems and #TakeTheTime for what really matters. So that’s the challenge we'll be completing and our challenge to you - where can you #takethetime? 

Check out the campaign video below. 

For me, all of the New Year's resolutions can get to be a little much. I, for one, want to be a little easier on myself this year by only making one distinct resolution: more less. Let me play that back: more less. In another, not-so-oxymoron-y way: less is more! Wait, that’s actually the same thing. You get the idea. 

I want 2017 to be filled with intentionality, and I want to be picky about what I fill my time with. To choose to take time for life-giving things that make me feel more me and to say no to all of the excess. 

One specific area of my life that I’ve decided to dedicate less to is getting dressed in the morning. I sometimes get so caught up in having the “perfect outfit” that I disregard comfort, or even my personal style (gasp!). The time has come for me to mix it up - because a girl’s gotta keep that personal style and comfort is queen. I’m really inspired by Cladwell, a company that quite literally uses the phrase “less is more”.. we’re a match made in heaven! Cladwell thinks everyone can benefit from a capsule wardrobe, and they have a tool that a) encourages owning less and b) knows all of my clothing items and suggests certain outfits each day. My thoughts? Yes and yes.

I decided to use the Outfits by Cladwell app for three days straight and choose one of the suggested outfits each day (every day, the app suggests three different styles). Best part? The app is connected to the WEATHER so I didn’t even have to spend 5-10 minutes wondering what clothes would be best outside. 

Some people will choose to #TakeTheTime they saved on getting dressed to create something, some people will take that time to contemplate. I mostly will use that time to drink more coffee.

Below, I outline the outfits for all three days, as well as sharing how I spent the extra time in my morning routine - in other words, how did I #takethetime? . (Check out Cladwell's page about this campaign here: 

Okay, enough chatter. Let’s get to the clothes. I've also included shots of the app so you can get a sneaky peak at what it looks like.



On the first day of this challenge, I decided to go for the suggested outfit that included my: black and white striped shirt, straight leg jeans, and suede booties. How can you go wrong with that combo, am I right? It was perfect because, although I wear stripes most days, I hadn't worn this particular shirt in awhile. I didn't try on any other outfits (like normal), and Outfits helped revive one of my favorite shirts! With all of the extra time in my morning routine, I made a REAL breakfast. Like, eggs and toast and sitting at the table to chew it and swallow it.. not a cereal bar for the road with my to-go coffee, which is usual. My whole morning felt more energized (and restful) because of it. 


For day two, I wanted to get back to my one true love, layering. I chose the suggested outfit of dark skinny jeans, black booties (again), a striped button up, and my chunky sweater. I was ready within a minute or two thanks to the app. This time, I took the extra time to clean up a bit before leaving the house - it felt great to leave without clothes strewn across my bed or a pile of breakfast dishes in the sink. Win.



On the last day of this suggested-outfit challenge, I went for the following outfit: black booties (shorter heel this time), denim mini skirt, and black pullover sweater. I added my own twist on the outfit by wearing my burgundy tights. It's a simple outfit, but again - something I may not have considered on my own. On Wednesday, I used my extra morning time to read a few chapters of a new book. Reading for fun with spare time????? Sounds like a New Year’s Resolution done right. 

So there you have it! I’m so glad I could #takethetime this week by spending less time choosing what to wear. I loved it so much that I’m gonna keep using Outfits by Cladwell for my outfit recommendations - and I’ll be sharing how I #takethetime on social media. 

• • •

Care to join me in the challenge? If so, take a photo of yourself wearing an outfit that Outfits by Cladwell suggested and tell us how you #TakeTheTime by posting it on Instagram using the hashtag. We'd love to be inspired! 

Cladwell Team