How I'm Letting Outfits by Cladwell Dress Me - And Loving It: Day 2

(In case you missed it: I’m partnering up with my friends at Cladwell in their #takethetime challenge. I'm letting them dress me with their Outfits by Cladwell app, and sharing how I #takethetime that I would have spent choosing what to wear. Want to join? Details here.)


Yesterday, I let Outfits by Cladwell dress me for the first time.. really, it was the first time I let anyone dress me. I mean, who does that? It's my style, after all, and I don't want anyone messing with it. Usually. But letting the Outfits app dress me was an experience that I had no issues with - I would even say I felt more like myself, because choosing an outfit from the app freed up my morning routine for more me time!! So below you'll see Day 2 of letting an app dress me: and how I decided to #takethetime. 

I decided on this outfit: a button-up shirt layered with my chunky sweater, dark skinny jeans, and black booties. I'm a big fan of layering - and the Outfits app chose two layers I may not have ever put together on my own. I tend to try on at least three different options each morning (especially when it comes to layering) - but with this outfit from the app, I was satisfied on the first try! Score!


With all of that extra time in my morning routine, I made a REAL breakfast. Like, eggs and toast and sitting at the table to chew it and swallow it.. not a cereal bar for the road with my to-go coffee, which is usual. My whole morning felt more energized (and restful) because of it. 

So there you have it... my second outfit chosen by Outfits by Cladwell! I'll be sharing this outfit - and how I #takethetime - on social media today. I'd love for you to join me! You can download the app here or check out the #takethetime campaign page here

I'll see you tomorrow for Day 3! 

Cladwell Team