We Challenge You To #TakeTheTime. Will You Accept?

What if you could get 15 minutes of your life back every day? How would you take the time?

After a very long day and a couple cups of coffee in, that’s the simple question we found ourselves asking, pondering, then asking again....

How would you #TakeTheTime? 

As you already know, we’re living in a world where constant vibrations in our back pocket and bragging rights for how little sleep you got the night before have somehow become the norm. We’re moving at a pace that’s so fast we sometimes forget that we have a choice in the matter.

We believe that fast isn't always good for us.

Fast food. Fast fashion. Fast & Furious movies... Fast doesn't always have our best interest in mind. Fast has a short attention span.

We believe that on our death bed--if we are so blessed to get there--we will not wish that we did things fast. So we're starting a little campaign called #TakeTheTime to highlight and encourage people who take the time to meet their friends for coffee, paint in the middle of the day, and sing in the shower. The dreamers, the makers, the creators, and the doers, this is our rallying cry to you.

We believe that slow can be healthy. Slow is patient and intentional. Slow will end up lasting longer. Slow is what will matter in the end.

So let's start now. 

Together, we made a video at takethetime.co for the ones who carpe the hell out of their diems. So we can all be inspired and get inspired to #TakeTheTime.

We'd Like To Invite You To #TakeTheTime

In 3 simple steps...

1. #TakeTheTime every day to do something that matters to you.

2. Share how you #TakeTheTime and challenge others.

3. Get inspired by how others #TakeTheTime.

We’re curious about how people spend their time when they have it. It's a simple concept, one that we'd love for you to be a part of. Time is precious, and time is personal. And if we can do our part in reminding each other to slow down it will have all been worth it.

Why are we doing this?

The truth, no matter how well-intended, behind most fashion campaigns is to sell you more clothes. But in our case, selling you more clothes doesn't make us any money. In fact, we would rather you buy less. Our business of serving you rather than selling you more stuff is 100% aligned with our mission

Last March, we launched our iOS app, Cladwell. With the app, we have given you your time back by helping you choose what to wear each morning. We're challenging you to spend the time you get back wisely by doing something that is good for you. Is it exercise? A longer shower? Sleeping in? Downward facing dog? Half an episode of Friends?

It's for you to decide how to #TakeTheTime.