How To Host a Cladwell Clothing Swap

We all can think of that one clothing item that we’re never going to wear, but day after day, week after week, it continues to hang in our closets. Truth is, we could all use a little nudge to get rid of the clothing items we no longer love in order to make room for the things we do. Why not start this year off by clearing out the clutter and hosting a Cladwell Clothing Swap? Let me explain what I mean by a Clothing Swap…

How a Clothing Swap Works

We believe that less is more and that humans can thrive when they have fewer but better things; by either buying new things that are created wisely or by re-using the things they own. And a Clothing Swap is one way to help us do just that. 

Invite guests

Invite friends and family (around the same age) that you love to be around. Have them bring their gently worn clothing items that they've intentionally set aside or have been thinking about donating for some time now in a trash bag or box.  

Choose a number

When your guests arrive, have each person drop off his or her items in a designated room and choose a number while mingling. The number determines the order that the guests will present in later. The drop-off room keeps the space free of clutter. The host should always go first to show how it works and put everyone else at ease.

Present your clothes

When your number is up, stand in front of the room to present your clothes. Nothing formal, just have fun with it. You have 5 seconds to show off each item, say the size, and any other details worth communicating such as the brand or that it’s shrunk. This should be a fairly fast process.

Raise your hand

If a guest loves an item, they should raise their hand. The presenter then hands the item over for them to take home.

Or add to the donate box

If no one raises his or her hand, that’s great! The presenter should give the item to the host so she or he can add it to the donation box. Everything left that no one wants at the end of the evening should be loaded up and dropped off at your donation location of choice the very next day.

How to break a tie

If two guests raise their hands at the same time, the presenter chooses a number 1 - 10. Whichever guest is closest wins the item.

Two Swap Rules

Judgement free zone

We believe you should never hide who you are--no matter how scary the situation or interaction. There is no room for shame in size, style, or brand. You never know what trash can be someone else's treasure so don't judge!

Less is more

Going home with less than you came with is the point. There's no need to feel disappointed if no one raises their hand. It's actually a wonderful thing! Also, don’t raise your hand for an item you kind of like. You must love it or donate it. It’s that simple.

Become a Host

As hosts we have two responsibilities: making our guests feel comfortable and donating all the items leftover from the swap. Just in case, here's a quick hostess checklist to help.

  • Set the date + time:  Try a weekday night like a Tuesday or Thursday. 

  • Invite your family + friends:  Try using paperless post or eventbrite.

  • Choose a place to donate:  Check out a local Goodwill or charity.

  • Designate a drop-off spot in your home:  We suggest a side room or garage.

  • Provide snacks + refreshments:  Keep it simple or have a pitch-in. 

Last but not least, share your photos with us @cladwellteam and use the hashtag #CladwellSwap..