NYC Street Style

Alright, so maybe we've given you an overload of our trip to New York, but it's all for good reasoning and good for you, okay? Or at least it was for us, so that's why we want to share it all with you! We had the pleasure of running around the city for street style photos (literally running at times to catch these seriously inspiring, stylish people!). This is just a few of the BUNCH that our Head of Creative, Levi Bethune captured in such little time. If you know him, you know he's great with people, even strangers—and of course that's what everyone was to all of us in a strange city. Despite not knowing any of these people, he had such grace as he approached these stylish folks and always made great, [quick, New-Yorker] conversation. Of course some of these he snapped without asking for permission, too; nothing beats a beautiful, unplanned capture.  

We hope you enjoy this collection of street style and hope it inspires you to take pride in what you wear. Wear what you love, with your head held high.