"That Balance Struggle" with Lindsay Dewald of Our City House

Work, play, family, social media... day after day we engage in these activities. But how often do we pause and reflect on them? How often do we take the time to reflect on the habits in our lives and ask whether or not we're doing them for us or for the people around us?

As a blogger and instagramer, Lindsay Dewald knows the struggle between cherishing the moment and capturing it, between fleeting moments spent with her young family and her work as a blogger. In some way or another, we all struggle with this narrative: you know, the one that says balance exists.

Sitting with Lindsay in her beautiful home and listening to her honest reflections caused us to pause. To ask, are we truly cherishing the moments we're given? 

Something as simple as checking Facebook or spending 30 minutes staring into your closet, these are the sort of things Lindsay's candid thoughts speak truth to. If we were given extra time in our day, even 15 minutes, would we use it wisely? As we get ready to release Outfits for iOS, this is the question we're asking ourselves, each other, and you. How can we wisely use the time we're given? How can we live in each moment? How can we balance the many pieces of our lives well?

Listen in as Lindsay reflects on social media and "that balance struggle":

“Am I really in the moment right now? Am I totally just in what I'm doing in being here?"

Join the challenge to slow things down and live in the moment here. #TakeTheTime